AV-3102 3D Keyboard Controller

AV-3102 3D Keyboard Controller
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Product Description

AV-3102 3D Keyboard Controller
This is 3D joystick PTZ keyboard controller with LCD Display. The electric outlet between the controlling keyboard and the receiving terminal is EIA/RS485, which enables the keyboard to control as many as 64 PTZ cameras within a maximal communication range of 1.2 KM.

Product Highlights:

  • Control speed of pan/ tilt and zoom in/out
  • Connectable together to other console for a total of 4 units
  • Each controller control 64 domes
  • Baud rate: 1200bps/2400bps/4800bps/9600bps/19200pbs
  • Protocol: Pelco-D/Pelco-P/VISCA
  • Communication: RS-485, RS422, RJ45
  • Power input: DC 12V/500mA
  • Communication distance: max 1200m
  • Ambient Temperature: 0c ~ 50c
  • Relative Humidity: less than 90%
  • Dimension: 230mm x 160mm x 110 mm

Warranty Period: Two year conditional.

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