AV-CM 0808 Case

AV-CM 0808 Case
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Product Description

AV-CM 0808 Case
CROSS series mixed matrix is the ultimate answer to cost-effective universal switching, this modular matrix will let you plug various changeable I/O card. It's a chassis designed for adding 8-inputs to 8-output in a 3U frame.

The modular matrix support different video signals with cross-switching ranging from HDMI, DVI, VGA, CVBS, S-Video, YPbPr, to HDMI / DVI over twisted pair and fiber optic input and output card. Every video signal is transmitted and switched independently power fail memory function. Each source is accessible to any display by using the front-panel push buttons. Fully controllable throuht RS-232, RS-485 extended keyboard or through TCP/IP Control. Hot-swappable slots. You can now customize and choose the right card for different applications.

Ideal for various commercial applications such as, control centers, smart lecture hall, medical, government and residential environments where signal management and distribution of high-resolution video signals.

Key Features:

  • Customizable 8x8 modular chassis serving various signal formats
  • Supported formats: 3GSDI, HDMI, DVI, VGA, S-Video, CVBS, YPbPr, HDBaseT & fiber optic
  • Modular input and output card, each with eight connectors
  • Cross-point ultra-switching - tie any input to any output
  • Easy to expand and add modules
  • Advanced HDCP & EDID management
  • Hot swappable design
  • 2 stanard RS-232 communication interface for remote control.
  • Front-panel push buttons for local switching
  • RS-485 extended keyboard control / Ethernet control
  • 3U rack-mountable

Product Diagram:


The Parameter Name: CROSS-MAX0808/1616/3232/7272/1444144
The input card can be connected to quantity/ input channels 1/8, 2/16, 4/32, 9/72, 18/144
The output card can be connected to quantity/ input channels 1/8, 2/16, 4/32, 9/72, 18/144
Support input card type Xin-DVI8, Xin-HDMI8, Xin-CAT8, Xin-FB8, Xin-COMP8
Support output card type Xout-DVI8, Xout-HDMI8, Xout-CAT8, Xout-FB8
Interface bandwidth 2.25Gbps, full digital (a total of 6.75Gbps, each color is 2.25Gbps)
Serial Port Control
Serial control interface RS-232, The 9 pin female D interface
The baud rate and protocol Baud rate: 9600, Data bits: 8, Stop bit: 1, No parity
Serial control interface 2=TX, 3=RX, 5=GND
Keyboard Control Interface
keyboard control interface 4 bit 3.8mm Phoenix interface
Use Use with the expansion keyboard MCP100
Keyboard control port structure +5V=DC5V, +=DATA+, -=DATA-, GND=Signal ground
Ethernet Control
Ethernet control interface RJ-45 bus interface
Ethernet control protocol TCP/IP
Ethernet control rate Adaptive 10M/100M, in full or half duplex
Power supply 100VAC~240VAC, 50/60 Hz, The adaptive power supply
Maximum power dissipation (fully installed with IO cards of maximum power dissipation) 107 W, 208W, 383W, 795W, 1550W
The product weight (Does not contain any card) 5.3Kg, 9.0Kg, 19Kg, 30Kg, 62Kg
Storage, use temperature -20 C ~ +70 C
Storage, use humidity 10% ~90%
Box size 3U, 5U, 10U, 16U, 30U
Mean time between failures 30000 Special Ops

Warranty Period: Two year conditional.

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