S-7200U Bracket with DV Battery Plate Mount for Sony

S-7200U Bracket with DV Battery Plate Mount for Sony
Item# S-7200U
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Product Description

S-7200U adopts SONY BP-U type DV battery plate, compatible with SONY BP-U60/U30 series DV batteries, and SWIT S-8U63 DV battery. The structure and power pins ensure a stable and reliable connection. A clamp to fit camera arm or tripod, it is convenient and reliable. (Camera light sold separately.)

    Key Features:

  • SONY BP-U DV battery adaptor plate
  • SWIT S-8U63 and SONY BP-U60/U30 fit
  • 5.5/2.1mm Pole-tap 14.4V DC output socket
  • With clamp to fix on camera handle or tripod


Output voltage Nominate DC 14.4V
Applicable battery SWIT S-8U63 battery
Sony BP-U60, BP-U30 battery
Net weight 0.1kg
Dimension 100x47x19mm

Pole-tap DC output socket

A 5.5/2.1mm pole-tap DC output socket is equipped on the side of S-7200U adaptor; you can connect on-camera lightings, monitors, wireless devices, etc, with the DC socket, to get nominated 14.4V DC power from the SONY BP-U type battery that mounted on S-7200U plate.

Clamp Installation

The S-7200U can provide DC power from an additional SONY BP-U type battery, and you can install the S-7200U adaptor and battery on camera handle grip, camera support rigs, or tripod legs for field using.

Warranty Period: One year conditional.