S-8U62 Battery (Discontinued!)

 S-8U62 Battery (<font color="red">Discontinued!</font>)
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Product Description

 S-8U62 Battery (<font color="red">Discontinued!</font>)
The New S-8U62 is designed to compatible with Sony PMW-100/200 series cameras. It can directly power PMW-100/200 cameras, without using DC cables. And for the PMW-EX1, EX1R, EX3 and F3, the New S-8U62 can still be used by DC power cable as usual. Same as the previous version, the New S-8U62 has D-tap DC output socket and 4-level LED power indicators.
S-8U62 could be charged by Sony BC-U1/SWIT S-3010B portable charger /SWIT S-3602U charger


  • Compatible with Sony PMW-100/200
  • Compatible with Sony PMW-EX1/EX1R/EX3/F3
  • Can be charged on Sony BC-U1 charger
  • 63Wh/4400mAh capacity
  • Max 60W, 4.5A power output
  • D-tap DC output socket
  • 4-level LED indicators


Capacity 63Wh/4400mAh
Max Output Power60W
Max Output Current4.5A
Over Current Protection10A
Compatible BatterySony BP-U60/U30
Applicable Camera Sony PMW-100,PMW-200, PMW-EX1/EX3/F3
Net Weight0.42kg

Warranty Period: One year conditional.

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