M-1080Q 8-inchx2 quad split LCD Monitor

M-1080Q 8-inchx2 quad split LCD Monitor
Item# M-1080Q
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Product Description

M-1080Q 8-inchx2 quad split LCD Monitor
M-1080Q is a 19-inch 3RU standard rack mounting LCD monitor, with 2 high resolution 8-inch LCD panels. M-1080Q accepts totally 4 ways Composite video and stereo audio, and quad split displays at left LCD panel simultaneously, each image has 400�240 resolution. Users could choose 1 Composite video to full screen display at right LCD panel. Each Composite video has independent loop through output, and the chosen Composite video, together with its audio, has another loop through output. M-1080Q monitor has a 4-pin XLR 12V DC power connector for both 2 LCD panels.


  • 8-inch TFT LCDx2
  • 800xRGBx480
  • 19-inch 3RU rack mounting
  • 16:9 / 4:3 adjustable
  • 4 ways Composite video preview in left LCD
  • 1 chosen Composite video in right LCD
  • Underscan
  • Picture rotate and flip


LCD panel Size: 8-inchx2
Viewing Angle: H/V: 120°/90°
Resolution: 800xRGBx480
Brightness: 400cd/m²
Contrast: 400:1
Aspect Ratio: 16:9/4:3
Working Voltage: DC 12V
Rated Power consumption: 32W
Dimension: 483x132x60mm, 19-inch/3RU
Net Weight: Approx 6.7lb/3.0Kg
Gross weight: Approx 7.7lb/3.5Kg
Working temperature: 0°~+40°
Working humidity: 10%~90%
Storage temperature: -15°~+60°
Storage humidity: 10%~90%

Signal input/output

Input:1BNC (4): composite in
2RCA (8): L,R stereo audio in
Output:1BNC (4): composite loop through out
1BNC: selected composite loop through out
2RCA: selected stereo audio out

Signal format


Warranty period

SWIT M-1080Q monitor has SWIT a 2-years contional Warranty.