S-1057A 5.7-inch Composite LCD Monitor

S-1057A 5.7-inch Composite LCD Monitor
Item# S-1057A
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Product Description

S-1057A 5.7-inch Composite LCD Monitor
S-1057A is a high resolution LCD monitor, applied with the strong magnesium alloy shell and multifunctional menu key, allowing an easy operation. Wide viewing angle, 0.9 mega pixels, and the new design of stereo level display. S-1057A accepts composite video and YUV.


  • Tally Lamp;
  • Underscan and Overscan switch
  • Stereo audio level indicator
  • Safety mark indicator
  • Magnesium Alloy Shell


Screen Size: 5.7-inch
Viewing Angle: H/V: 130°/105°
Resolution: 800xRGBx480
Brightness: 430cd/m²
Contrast: 600:1
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Color System: PAL/NTSC
Working Voltage: DC 12V(Battery pack 7.2V/14.4V)
Rated Power: less than or equal to 12W
Dimension: 6.6x5.5x1.9inch/167x138x46mm
Net Weight: 1.7 lb/750g

Signal input/output

YUV inputYes
Composite input/output:Yes

Battery Mount

S-1057AA For 14.4V Gold Mount Battery
SWIT Battery: S-8080A/8110A/8160A
S-1057AS For 14.4V V-Lock Battery
SWIT Battery: S-8080S/8110S/8160S
S-1057AF For 7.2V Sony NP-F770/F970 Battery
SWIT Battery: S-8770/8970/8972
S-1057APFor 7.2V Panisonic D28/D54 Battery
SWIT Battery: S-8D28/8D54/8D62
S-1057AJ For 7.2V JVC V428U Battery
SWIT Battery: S-8428
S-1057AC For 7.2V Canon BP-945 Battery
SWIT Battery: S-8945
S-1057AUFor 14.4V Sony Bp-U30/U60 Battery
SWIT Battery: S-8U62

Item include

SWIT S-1057A monitor, Carry case, Pan-tilt trestle, power adapter, Screen hood, SWIT Warranty. Monitor stand(optional), HD video cable(optional)