S-4914T/R (Gold-Mount) SDI/HDMI 2200ft Wireless System

S-4914T/R (Gold-Mount) SDI/HDMI 2200ft Wireless System
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Product Description

S-4914T/R (Gold-Mount) SDI/HDMI 2200ft Wireless System
S-4914 is the broadcast industry wireless system, includes an S-4914T transmitter and an S-4914R receiver (Gold-Mount), with WHDI (OFDM) technology, supports uncompressed 3G/HD/SD-SDI and HDMI wirelessly transmitted in 2200ft scale, and with less than 1ms latency. The system is pure hardware connection, plug and play build-up, which is widely used in on-site shooting and director monitoring.

Key Features:

  • Professional WHDI (MIMO/OFDM) technology
  • Uncompressed 3G/HD-SDI and HDMI wireless
  • 2-ch SDI/HDMI embedded audio transmission
  • 2200ft (LOS) transmission distance
  • Less than 1ms latency
  • 5.1-5.9GHz license-free operation frequency
  • User configurable frequency bands
  • Multicast – 1 transmitter to multi receivers
  • Less than 63mW radio power
  • AES 256bit encryption
  • Mini transmitter designed for HDV camcorder
  • Gold-Mount plate S-4914R receiver
  • Various DV plates option for S-4914T transmitter
  • All-metal housing, durable
  • Pure hardware connection; Plug and Play


Model Transmitter S-4914T Receiver S-4914R
Input 3G/HD/SD-SDIx1 /
Output / 3G/HD/SD-SDIx1
SDI Format SMPTE-425M 1080P (60 / 59.94 / 50)
SMPTE-274M 1080i (60 / 59.94 / 50)
1080p (30 / 29.97 / 25 / 24 / 23.98)
SMPTE-RP211 1080psf (30 / 29.97 / 25 / 24 / 23.98)
SMPTE-296M 720p (60 / 59.94 / 50)
SMPTE-125M 480i (59.94)
ITU-R BT.656 576i (50)
HDMI format 1080p (60 / 59.94 / 50 / 30 / 29.97 / 25 / 24 / 23.98)
1080i (60 / 59.94 / 50)
720p (60 / 59.94 / 50)
480i / 576i
Wireless frequency 5.1 ~ 5.9GHz
Radio modules OFDM 16QAM
Max Transmission distance Approx 2200ft (Line of sight)
Latency ≤1 millisecond
Power consumption ≤6.5W ≤6.5W
Radio power Max 21dBm (63mW) /
Input voltage DC / Battery:6.5~17V DC / Battery:6.5~17V
Working environment Temperature: 0°C -+40°C
Dimension 71x120x37 (mm) 130x188x47 (mm)
Net weight(with antenna) 300g 797g

Power Supply:

The transmitter S-4914T is compact size designed, and equipped with DV plates to be powered by standard DV camera batteries. There’re following different kinds of DV plates for option:

Plate types
Compatible batteries
SONY NP-F970/770, SWIT S-8972, S-8970
SONY BP-U60/U30, SWIT S-8U63
Panasonic CGR-D/VBD, SWIT S-8D62/S-8D58/S-8D98
Panasonic VW-VBG6, SWIT S-8BG6
JVC BN-VF823, SWIT S-8823
SSL-JVC50/JVC75, SWIT S-8i50/S-8i75
Canon BP-945/970G, SWIT S-8845, S-8945
Canon LP-E6, SWIT S-8PE6

The receiver S-4914R is equipped with Gold mount plates to be powered by batteries. Both the transmitter and receiver can also be powered via the 5.5/2.1mm pole DC in socket of 6.5-17V input.

Package Includes:

  • 1x S-4914T Transmitter (B/C/D/E/F/I/U/V)
  • 1x S-4914R Receiver (Gold-Mount)
  • 1x S-7004 (DV battery mount)
  • 7x Antennas
  • 1x Articulating arm trestle
  • 1x Crab clamp
  • 1x D-tap to 5.5/2.1mm pole cable
  • 1x 5.5/2.1mm pole power adaptor
  • 2x Flat screwdriver (for band configuration)

Warranty Period: Two years conditional.

User Manual:

 S-4914T/R User Manual View S-4914T/R User Manual

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