S-8192S 92Wh+92Wh Split-Style Battery

S-8192S 92Wh+92Wh Split-Style Battery
Item# S-8192S
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Product Description

Large Capacity Battery, Complied with IATA
    The IATA DGR regulations restricted the air transportation of over 100Wh Li-ion battery packs:

    Battery Capacity
    Carry-on Baggage
    Air Cargo Shipping
    Under 100Wh
    Only 2pcs allowed
    Not allowed
    Over 160Wh
    Not allowed
    Not allowed

    Since the large capacity batteries are quite necessary, SWIT provides the solution of Dividable Battery to comply with IATA regulations. S-8192S can be divided into 2 parts, and each part contains 92Wh capacity, not restricted by air transportation. And when using S-8192S, just assemble the 2 parts, you can get a Li-ion battery pack of 184Wh large capacity.
    IATA restrictions for traveling with Larger Lithium ion batteries
    Note: The restrictions maybe are different between different airlines.

    Key Features

    • Divide into 2 parts of 92Wh capacity each (Patent)
    • Not restricted by IATA air transportation regulations
    • Li-ion, 14.4V, 92+92Wh capacity
    • D-tap output socket
    • 4-level LED power indicator
    • V-mount connection
    • Multiple circuit protections


    Normal Voltage 14.4V
    Capacity 92Wh+92Wh / 6400mAh+6400mAh
    Max output power 100W
    Max output current 8A
    Mount type V-mount
    Operation temperature 0- 40°C
    Net Weight Approx. 1.25kg
    Dimension 168x101x60mm

    184Wh / 12.8Ah High Capacity

    When assembled, the S-8192S consists of 20pcs 18650 battery cells, and reaches 184Wh / 12.8Ah high capacity.S-8192S can run approx 6 hours for normal 30W ENG cameras, and has no problem to fly with.

    Reliable V-mount Connection

    S-8192S is the standard Sony V-mount connection and we adopt the high quality metal V-wedge that ensures the reliable mounting.

    Build-in D-tap DC Output Socket

    A D-tap DC output socket is equipped on the top side of S-8192S battery, for DC14.4V (Nominate) connection, such as on-camera lights, monitors, wireless transmitter, etc. The Max Power from D-tap is 100W, 8A.

    4-level LED Power Indicator

    On the side of the battery, there’re 4-level LED power indicators to check the battery remaining capacity. You can get a quick view of capacity before using.

    Warranty Period: Two years conditional.

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