S-2000+S-8U63 Battery Kit

S-2000+S-8U63 Battery Kit
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Product Description

S-2000+S-8U63 Battery Kit
S-2000 LED light: Long life - no bulb change ever needed. Color temperature 5600K/3200K, D-tape connector. 12W, DC 10V-17V.

S-8U63 is a 14.4V, 63Wh Li-ion DV battery that completely compatible with SONY PMW-EX1, EX1R, EX3, F3, 100, 200, without DC cable, and can display remaining power info on cameras. The battery offers a D-tap DC socket for extension power output, and a 5V/1A USB socket for mobile devices (cell phone etc) charging.

The 4-level LED indicator can give you a quick view of remaining power before using, and the strong housing, intelligent circuit will protect the battery from shocking, abnormal current, voltage and temperature.

Item includes:

One S-2000 camera light and one S-8U63 battery.

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Warranty Period:
One year conditional for S-8U63 battery and two years conditional for S-2000 light.