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Product Description

VIO ALC_HD is designed to ensure the analog audio or audio embedded in video to hold on to the required level in broadcast system, such as ¡°On Air¡± environment, program edit studios, satellite program recording rooms, etc. It is usually used to adjust the audio gain threshold manually; is adapted to auto varying audio gain limiting to the disposed scope, these two all can work with the remote control panel, on which LCD,PPM/VU meters and HI-FI speakers are equipped.

SNMP and RS-232 control protocol are also built in the machine. All the configuration and operation can be done by three ways, which are RCP, SNMP and RS-232. VIO ALC-HD is a prefect standalone device to meet FCC newly imposed new rule for Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation (CALM) Act

Key Features:

  • Up to 4 groups (16channels) audio gain, phase inversion, mute, shuffling and mixing, one group and/or one channel adjustable independent
  • Compatible with standard definition analog audio, embedded audio and high definition embedded audio
  • High fidelity audio monitoring
  • Two 28 segment high resolution color LED level meters displaying Simultaneously VU & PPM
  • Both host panel and remote panel equipped LCD windows displaying audio status real time
  • 1 EMBSDI input, 2 SDI output which one is bypass
  • 2 unbalanced analog inputs (1 Stereo)
  • Headphone jack, mutes speakers
  • Configuration and operation by Ethernet, RS-232 or manual
  • Built-in WEBSERVER, SNMP and RS-232 protocol
  • Redundant power supplies and controllers
  • Standard 1U Chassis


Signal Input:
Input£º 1 x BNC, 75ohm, HD/SD-SDI
Standard£ºSMPTE 292M£»1.5Gbit/s SMPTE 259M£»270Mbit/s
Length£º100m @ 1.5Gb/s£¬300m @ 270Mb/s with (Belden 1694A)

Signal Output:
Output Interface£º3 x BNC, 75ohm, HD/SD-SDI
(2 after-loudness-control outputs£¬1 of 2 for loop-out without power, 1 HD/SD-SDI loop£©
Standard SMPTE 292M1.5Gbit/s SMPTE 259M 270Mbit/s
Control Interface: RCP control£ºRS-485, BNC, no parity bit, Baud rate based on protocol Network port£ºRJ45, 1000M

Parameter range: The range of loudness control£º0~30dB adjustable

Power Supply: 2x120W, AC 90V-250V

Related element: VIO Dual ch. Loudness control for CALM Act

Warranty Period: One year conditional.