VIO Delay-HD60S

VIO Delay-HD60S
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Product Description

VIO Delay-HD60S is a compact 1RU HD SDI video delay line. The VIO Delay-HD60S provides effective audio/video delay for HDSDI signal up to 60 seconds, and programmable through frames or seconds. Built-in 10-Bit high performance digital TBC and frame Sync. for an always perfect and clean video output. The VIO Delay-HD60S can be used in the Live talk shows, awards specials, telephone call-ins, courtroom TV, breaking news, to prevent illegal live program to be aired. The VIO Delay-HD60S signal has the adjustment capability of aligns incoming and outgoing signals. It is an ideal solution for applications which require multi- synchronous of various feeds from studios, satellites, microwave, and other non-synchronous sources.

Key Features:

  • The max delay time is up to ten minutes for SD-SDI, two minutes for HD-SDI
  • Advanced FPGA + DSP processing technology
  • Accurately adjust delay time frame by frame
  • Support H/V phase adjustment
  • Support monitor the signal before delay
  • AUX video input or audio mute to avoid abnormal video signal output
  • Provide the quick switch between bypass and delay signal 4xAES Input and output optional
  • Program loop-out when power off
  • 1U chassis structure, redundant power supplies
  • Support SNMP
  • Supply RCP


Signal Input
PGM In£º 1 x BNC, 75ohm, HDSDI
AUX In: 1 x BNC, 75ohm, HDSDI
Standard£ºSMPTE 292M£»1.5Gbit/s
Reference£º 1 x BNC, 75ohm, CVBS

Signal Output
Output Interface£º2 x BNC, 75ohm, HD-SDI, £¨1 after-delay outputs£¬1 for loop-out without power, 1 before-delay output£©

Control Interface£º
RS-232£º 26 pin female "D"

Network port£ºRJ45, 1000MBase T Ethernet

Physical dimension: 440 ¡Á 320 ¡Á 44mm

Power Supply: 2x120W, AC 90V-250V

Warranty Period: One year conditional.